Keri Lynch

Senior Project Manager


Keri is a woman who loves a schedule. Whether it’s agency or client side, she’s helped manage both people and accounts in her career for heavy-hitters like Microsoft, Pfizer and Carnival Cruise Lines. She’s bounced around from Charlotte, DC and Nashville before making her home here in Richmond at Yebo. And we’re so happy she did because her color-coded Excel spreadsheets are a lifesaver.

Hell Yeah

While Keri herds cats for a living, she is dog obsessed! She holds birthday parties for her pups every year, and loves a theme so usually has accompanying favors for all the guests (both of the canine and human variety). Between her siblings and parents they have a pack of six large furballs, making family gatherings basically a kennel club. Keri’s tattoos are an indicator she comes from a proud Irish lineage, and her frequent patio-sitting with a drink in hand show she always welcomes company and a sunny day. If the maxim, “May I be half the person my dog thinks I am” is true then Keri is crushing it both personally and professionally.