Growing up, were you the kid at recess who invented the game everyone wanted to play? Or were you the one who organized the teams, formalized the rules and made sure all your classmates abided? Perhaps you weren’t either. Maybe you sat on the sidelines, put pen to paper and drew instead? As you got older and made your way through college, did the pressures of succumbing to the “real world” make you dread finding yourself in a corporate environment?

If you can relate, you belong here. If you’ve been told you have a vivid imagination, you belong here. If you’re allergic to monotony, you belong here. Every day there’s a new challenge. We expect the real you to roll in, pull up a seat at the table and help create the coolest way to solve it. That’s the Playground. (And if you were the kid in time-out for disrupting class for the third time this week, you definitely belong here.)

So bring your ideas. Bring your creativity. Bring your disruption. And come play with us! Bonus points if you’re on TikTok.

Noah Autry
Playground 2019

“The Playground gave me the tools, voice and chance to make work I’m proud of for real clients. And to work alongside talented coworkers who I now call friends.”

Mariah Harrison
Playground 2018

"I was able to flex my skills, not only as a copywriter, but as a designer. The Playground doesn’t put you in a box. In fact, it encourages you to explore outside it. "

Application Is Closed


Due to the changing situation around Covid 19 we are cancelling our summer internship program for 2020 and hoping to bring the Playground back in the later half of the year. Thank you for your interest. We deeply apologize for the inconvenience.

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